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Creating More Livable and Sustainable Cities

Earth Stewardship Initiative: 

Demonstration Projects for the Application of Ecological Science

We believe that if sustainability goals are to be met, we must change the way science intersects with society. To that end, over the last three years we have collaborated with the Ecological Society of America and other organizations to create Earth Stewardship Initiative (ESI) Demonstration Projects in Portland, OR; Baltimore, MD; Sacramento, CA; and this summer in Louisville, KY. The goal of these projects is to connect communities with ecologists, urban planners, and designers, who then co-design and co-manage urban environments to promote social and ecological resilience and revitalization.  This approach builds on the U.N. Millennium Development Goals to provide a vision for a sustainable and equitable future.

Take a look at the four main research topic themes of this project and see how your interests and expertise fit in.

Explore ways you can get involved and help make a difference through the application of ecological science.

Learn more about the Earth Stewardship Initiative - our vision and approach to environmental and socially responsible design.


We are grateful to the following organizations for supporting the Earth Stewardship Initiative:

















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