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We invite  you to participate in this  interactive demonstration project. 


Below are possible opportunities for involvement - although we are open to ways in which you would like to add value.


Get Involved

Share your expertise with us before, during and after the 2015 ESA conference by


- providing research and consultation prior to the ESA meeting.


- mobilizing your group or organization to lead the design, content and implementation of one of the five project themes.


- serving as an "Expert" during the conference for a particular theme. This entails allowing students to contact and interview you about current issues, and to provide targeted guidance during ESA conference breaks (at designated tables) for students and ESA Graduate Research Fellows


- participating in activities during the week related to site analysis and conceptual design for the Baltimore Earth Stewarship Initiative Project 


- offering mentorship to our students after the conference as they produce final documentation and synthesis.


- supporting the fall 2015 Yale graduate course or spring 2016 graduated seminar as a lecturer or advisor.

Support the Earth Stewardship Initiative by


- providing funding for student involvement to help cover their transportation, housing and conference fee costs.


- sponsoring one or more of our workshops, field trips or symposiums.


- funding an installation, poster or banner relevant to your interests or cause.





Help us generate interest and begin the discussion by publicizing this Earth Stewardship project to your ESA section, organization, peers and friends.  


Please contact us and we will be happy to provide appropriate information and advertisement materials. 


DOWNLOAD and share our informational poster.

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