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Earth Stewardship

Earth Stewardship : Sustaining And Enhancing Earth’s Life-Support Systems

Earth stewardship involves shaping trajectories of social-ecological change at local-to-regional scales to enhance ecosystem resilience and human well-being. Over the next decade or two, society has a window of opportunity to radically redefine our relationship with the planet to reduce risks of dangerous global changes that could otherwise seriously degrade Earth’s life-support systems.


The Ecological Society of America (ESA), in partnership with Yale and other academic societies, agencies, and non-governmental groups, seeks to foster earth stewardship by



clarifying the science needs for understanding and shaping trajectories of change at local-to-regional scales.


communicating the basis for earth stewardship to a broad range of audiences, including natural and social scientists, students, the general public, policy makers, and other practitioners.


formulating pragmatic strategies that foster projects that inform global change by enhancing ecosystem resilience and human well-being.

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