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Baltimore Collaborators

Core Team

Yale University

Alexander J. Felson Project Director

Caroline Dumont, Project Manager

Grace Castillo

Max Farbman

Jonathan Galka

Caroline Acheatel


Ecological Society of America

Jill Baron, ESA President 2014 and core ESA partner

David Inouye, Current ESA President

Katherine McCarter, ESA Executive Director

Terry Chapin, Past ESA President

Steward Pickett, Past ESA President


Baltimore Ecosystem Study

Alan Berkowitz, J. Morgan Grove, Peter Groffman, Shannon LaDeau, Steward Pickett, Emma Rosi-Marshall, and Chris Swan


Parks and People Foundation

Valerie Rupp, Steve Preston, Guy Hager, and Lisa Millspaugh Schroeder


Mahan-Rykiel Associates

Isaac Hametz



Peter May and Chris Streb


Lead Advisory Committee

Jill Baron, Colorado State University


John Beardsley, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C.


Julie Bargmann, University of Virginia and D.I.R.T studio


Victoria Chanse, University of Maryland


Terry Chapin, University of Alaska


Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University


Peter Groffman, BES and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Emma Rosi-Marshall, BES and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Joan Iverson Nassauer, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Charles Nilon, University of Missouri


Steward Pickett, BES and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Frederick Steiner, University of Texas, Austin


ESA Centennial Fund

National Science Foundation


Yale University

Tree Baltimore

Charles Murphy

Ted Martello

Mahan-Rykiel Associates

Parks and People Foundation


Dumbarton Oaks

Partners and Stakeholders

Baltimore City Department of Public Works, Mark Cameron


Baltimore City Department of Planning, Heather Martin, Kate Edwards


Baltimore City Recreation and Parks - Forestry, Erik Dihle, Charlie Murphy


Baltimore City Recreation and Parks - Parks, Kate Brower, Tom Jeannetta


Baltimore City Office of Sustainability, Jenny Guillaume, Kristin Baja


Baltimore Office of Sustainability, Amy Gilder-Busatti, Beth Strommen


Baltimore Urban Waters Partnership, Mike Galvin


Dumbarton Oaks Garden and Landscape Studies, John Beardsley


Ecological Society of America Chapters and Sections: Agroecology, Applied Ecology, Asian Ecology, Education, Environmental Justice, Human Ecology, Natural History, Student Chapter, Urban Ecology


Landscape Architecture Foundation, Heather Whitlow


Maryland Port Administration, Katrina Jones


Morgan State University, Fred Scharmen


Penn State, Barry Kew


Rutgers University, Frank Gallagher, Tony Cullen


University of Maryland, Victoria Chanse


University of Virginia, Julie Bargmann, Nancy Ann Takahashi, Tat Bonvehi

Conference Organizers

Katherine McCarter, Executive Director, Ecological Society of America


Michelle Horton, Ecological Society of America


Carol Brewer, Prairie Ecotone Research Group, LLC


Nancy Huntley, Utah State University


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