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Core Team

Yale University

Alexander J. Felson Project Director

Caroline Dumont, Project Manager

Grace Castillo

Max Farbman

Jonathan Galka

Caroline Acheatel


Ecological Society of America

Jill Baron, ESA President 2014 and core ESA partner

David Inouye, Current ESA President

Katherine McCarter, ESA Executive Director

Terry Chapin, Past ESA President

Steward Pickett, Past ESA President

Lead Advisory Committee

Jill Baron, Colorado State University


Terry Chapin, University of Alaska


Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University


Peter Groffman, BES and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Mark Johnson, Civitas


Mary Miss, Artist


Joan Iverson Nassauer, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Steward Pickett, BES and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Frederick Steiner, University of Texas, Austin

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