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Sacramento Collaborators

Core Team

Dr. Alexander Felson

Assistant Professor and Director of the UEDLAB and joint degree

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies & Yale School of Architecture


Dr. Jill S. Baron

John Wesley Powell Center for Earth System Analysis and Synthesis

US Geological Survey

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Colorado State University


Neal Williams

Associate Professor

Department of Entomology

University of California-Davis


Lead Advisory Committee

Steward Pickett,   Past-President


Sharon Collinge, VP for Public Affairs


Frederick Steiner,  Dean of Architecture UT Austin


Mary Miss,  Artist


Mark Johnson,  Civitas


Dr. Mary L. Cadenasso,  UC Davis.


Rushyan Yen,  Yale UEDlab


Stakeholder Team

AECOM, Vance Howard and Jacinta McCann


ARPF, Dianna Pogetto, Matthew Ocko


cbec eco engineering, Chris Hammersmark


Cramer Fish Sciences,  Joe Merz


SAC County Regional Parks, Jeff Leatherman


SAFCA, Peter Buck


Water Forum, Tom Gohring

Conference Organizers

Hal Balbach, ACOE


Susan Ustin, UC Davis


Katherine McCarter and Michelle Horton, ESA


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